Circulus Sapientiae [Circle of Wisdom]. Introduction, Notes, Hildegard Von Bingen, Elizabeth Thompson, W. R. Johnson, Claire Van Vliet, Artist.

Circulus Sapientiae [Circle of Wisdom].

Newark, VT: The Janus Press, 2001. Limited Edition. Unpag. Folio. Paper covered case houses paper covered folio that houses accordion folded pages with exquisite pop-ups and text in Latin. Small paste paper pamphlet contains English translation of Latin printed in movable book, CD of the musical performance illustrated within the book in a small paste-paper envelope tucked into a pocket on the front of the pamphlet. An unbelievable production in both design, art, printing, music, paper engineering. Produced in an edition of 120 copies. Fine.
"This publication was planned to celebrate Hildegard's nine hundredth birthday. Claire Van Vliet made the pulp paintings with Katie MacGregor in Whiting, Me. who also made the colored sheets and covers. The other papers are Twinrocker Lilac Wind & Barcham Green RWS, Nefertiti, Renaissance IV and Dover; the popups were executed by Audrey Holden, the chemise & slipcase by Judi Conant & Mary Richardson in Maidstone, Vermont. The Latin text is Rudolph Koch's Wallau & the English, Trump Mediaeval. The cover lettering is Circulus Sapientiae in Hildegard's secret alphabet."--From the colophon.
Although produced in an edition of 120 copies, this copy is not numbered but personalized with the recipient's name printed in letterpress on the colophon as she was one of the members of the team that produced the piece.

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Price: $2,000.00