"An Experiment Proposed for Determining, by the Aberration of the Fixed Stars, Whether the Rays of Light, in Pervading Different Media, Change Their Velocity according to the Law Which Results from Sir Isaac Newton's Ideas concerning the Cause of Refraction; And for Ascertaining Their Velocity in Every Medium Whose Refractive Density is Known.;" "Del Modo di Render Sensibilissima la piu Debole Elettricita sia Naturale, sia Artificiale;" "An Attempt to Make a Thermometer for Measuring the Higher Degrees of Heat, from a Red Heat up to the Strongest That Vessels Made of Clay can Support." (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. LXXII (72) for the Year 1782 Part I & Part II, pp. 58-70, 237-280, 305-326).

London: Royal Society of London, 1782, 1783. Quarter Leather. First Edition. iii-vii, 302, xxv, [1], [iii]-iv, [305]-462, [1] pp. 8vo. Library binding, tan leather spine with gold embossed titling, scuffing and tears where call numbers have been removed. Interiors clean, ex-library stamp on title page, and occurring sporadically within. Numerous folding plates that illustrate articles. Pages were trimmed slightly when rebound. Very Good.
Article building upon Newton's theories, Short paper by Volta announcing the invention of the "condensatore" for measuring small amounts of atmospheric electricity otherwise too weak for detection

Paper by Wedgwood that describes the construction and use of a pyrometer, an ingenious invention for determining and registering high temperatures by the measurement of the shrinkage suffered by cylinders of prepared clay in the furnace or kiln.

This complete volume of papers by numerous authors on a variety of subjects including medicine, natural history, physics, mathematics and archaeology, illustrated with numerous plates.

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